Antenna Tuning and Optimization Service

Consulting and Test Services for the following

•Assist customers in the design phase of their wireless devices by providing layout and component recommedations.

•Assist customers to tune and optimized their actual wireless devices.

Clients are welcome to send their wireless devices to Mitsubishi Materials Ceramic Factory for tuning and optimization. Cutomers are encouraged to come and observe the tuning of their product.


In utilizing three-dimensional measurement system, we could measure radiation characteristic of smart-phones, feature-phones, 3.9GHz/LTE Devices from all-round views.
We upgraded antenna technical solution support for customer satisfaction.


Specifications of Anechoic Chamber and Facilities

Structure Inner wall 6 surfaces of 2 layer ferrite tile + styrene foam absorber
Size 3 Meter Anechoic Chamber
Interior dimensions: 6.1m (W) ×3.1m (D) ×2.5m (H)
Sealed surface size: 7.0m (W) ×4.0m (D) ×3.0m (H)
Electric efficiency Quiet zone φ50cm (spherical), center height 1.05m
Antenna measurement 300MHz - 18GHz
EMI measurement 30MHz - 1GHz
Electromagnetic shield characteristics 150kHz - 18GHz
Power source line characteristics 150kHz - 18GHz
Supplement equipment Antenna positioner
ITV system
three-dimensional measurement system (Switch to three-dimensional measurement)
Measurement equipment Antenna

Dipole, Bi- conical, log periodic, horn

Signal generator
Spectrum analyzer
Network analyzer

Anechoic Chamber

three-dimensional measurement system

Example of measurement results