Electrical Standards Compliance Service

Consulting and Test Services for the following

•Assist customers to meet UL, JEC, IEC, FCC, IEEE and other standards.

•Assist customers to protect their equipment from indirect lightning surges in the field.

Clients are welcome to send their devices to Mitsubishi Materials Ceramic Factory for recommendations on how to best protect against electrical surges. Customers are encouraged to come and observe the testing of their product with the latest impulse voltage and current generators. This state of the art equipment has the ability to duplicate the test requirements of the various worldwide standards agencies so that we can recommend the best solution to help you pass your requirements.

Reference standard Wave form comments
JEC standard 1.2/50μs 30kVmax Indirect lightning protection
8/20μs 6kAmax
IEC61000-4-5 conformance 1.2/50μs 15kV8/20μs7.5kA Indirect lightning protection
IEC61000-4-2 conformance 150pF 330Ω 30kVmax Static electricity protection
FCC standard 10/560μs 800V 100A Communication related protection
FCC standard 10/160μs 1.5kV 200A Communication related protection
FCC standard conformance 10/700μs 15kVmax Communication related protection
IEEE 0.5μ-100kHz 6kVmax
UL standards AC600V 40A 1.5s Communications (AC power cross)
AC600V 7A 5s
AC600 2.2A 30min
Over-voltage to AC600V
others Rectangular wave, pulse width 50~1000ns, 4kV max, 30~60Hz
2/10μs 2.5kV 1kA
10/200μs 20kVmax
0.5/700μs 6kVmax
100/700μs 5kVmax

Please talk about the other standards.