High voltage DSS


  • Small size and high DC spark-over voltage (2700V, 3000V).
  • The DSS-272M passes 1200VAC - 3s and 1000VAC - 1min test; the DSS-302M passes 1500VAC - 1min withstanding voltage test.
  • Quick response to surges, low limiting voltage.
  • Small capacitance and excellent insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ
  • Stable for repeated discharge tests and for wide environmental fluctuations.
  • No polarity.
  • No dark effect.
  • UL1449, CSA, and TÜV recognized.



Part Number DC Spark-Over Voltage
Insulation Resistance
Electrostatic Capacitance
Surge Current Capacity
DSS-272M 2700V (2160 ~ 3240) ≥ 100MΩ 500VDC 1pF max 500A
DSS-302M 3000V (2400 ~ 3600)
Part Number Surge Life Test
8/20μs 50A
AC Withstanding Voltage UL Approved
CSA Approved

EN Approved

3) UL1449

4) C22.2No.1

5) EN60065

DSS-272M 300 times 1200VAC-3s
○1) ○2) -
DSS-302M 1500VAC-1min ○1) ○1) ○3)

Approved if used with a varistor (125VAC: V1mA ≧ 270V, φ ≧ 5mm; 250VAC: V1mA ≧ 470V, φ ≧ 5mm) connected in series (soldered, crimped, or welded).

2): Approved if used with a varistor (V1mA ≧ 470V, φ ≧ 10mm) connected in series (soldered, crimped, or welded).
3): UL Standard UL1449 File No.E318314
4): CSA Standard C22.2 No1 File No. CA111411
5): TÜV Report No J9750615.


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