Our NTC thermistors are capable of measuring temperature very precisely due to our unique raw materials.
Broad product lineup from SMD type, leaded type, sensor type for wide-range mount-applications

Thermistos TD TZ TN/TC TH TX

According to form

SMD Type

Applications: Temperature compensated circuit in HDD, optical pickup for CD/DVD writing, temperature detection of protection for battery pack,
temperature compensation/detection for various applications
Wide-range product lineup for high precision, small size, and high temperature resistance.

Series Style Size Operating
temperature range
B value
TZ05 1005 -40℃〜+150℃ ±0.5〜1% ±0.3%
TD05, TD11 1005〜1608 ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TX03, TX05 0603〜1005 -40℃〜+125℃ ±0.5〜1% ±0.3%
TH03, TH05, TH11, TH20 0603〜2012 ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TN・TC05, TN・TC10, TN11, TN・TC20 1005〜2012 ±5〜10% ±3〜5%
MN18, MH18 φ1.35×3.5mm -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜5% ±1〜3%
FH05, FH10 0.32×0.32mm、0.55or0.60×0.55or0.60mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
Leaded Type

Temperature compensation/detection for battery packs, clinical thermometers, and automobiles
Product lineup of both resin coated type and glass encapsulated type

Series Style Operating
temperature range
B value
CN25, CH25 -40℃〜+110℃ (CN25)±3〜5%、(CH25)±1〜3% (CN25)±3%、(CH25)±1%
RM16, RH16 (RM16)±3〜5%、(RH16)±1〜3% (RM16)±3%、(RH16)±1%
BN35 -20℃〜+80℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BM22, BM38 -40℃〜+100℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BF05 ±1〜3% ±1%
GR15, GR25 -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±1〜5% ±1〜3%
DC30 -40℃〜+100℃ ±5〜10% ±3%
GA13, GH13
GA20, GH20
-40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) (GA13/GA20)


Category Type Series
Air conditioners CN25/CH25
Air conditioners RM16/RH16
Optical communication related equipment FH05/FH10
Battery cells CN25/CH25
Battery cells RM16/RH16
Battery cells DC30
Battery cells BN35
Battery cells BM22/BM38
Battery cells BF05